Harpers Bazaar Travel Guide

The Harpers Bazaar Travel Guide is hotly anticipated every new year, providing us with the inspiration of beautiful places we need to plan the year ahead exploring our planet! We are pleased to share images captured from Lake Como to Australia featured on the beautifully curated pages of the Harpers Bazaar Travel Guide 2020.

Harpers Bazaar Travel Supplement 2020 - Holly Clark Photography
Great Plains - Harpers Bazaar Travel Guide 2020

In the words of Travel Director, Lucy Halfhead “In this supplement, printed on recycled paper and packaged without plastic, we celebrate the luxury hotels and experiences striving to preserve these extraordinary environments through wildlife conservation, eco-friendly design, renewable energy and community projects, for global adventures that are sustainable as they are magical”

The photographs featured from Australia to Lake Como on Harpers Bazaar Travel Guide are available on Editions!

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