Anna & Sjoerd

Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany

Borgo Santo Pietro is a hidden gem. A peaceful 13th century villa nestled in the hills of the the Tuscan countryside. The property is beautiful. Full of old world charm, views across the Tuscan landscapes, pristine gardens, an infinite pool, fine wine and sensational food…

The weekend started with a Tuscan inspired welcome dinner and a cinema night on the lawns and the wedding day was straight out of a romantic fairytale. The beautiful bride wore a show-stopping Mira Zwillinger dress with Empress Eugénie of France’s veil from her wedding to Napoleon III, now a family heirloom.

This day couldn’t have been more beautiful if it had tried.

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Stationery Fin Fellows
Brides Dress Mira Zwillinger
Bridesmaids Razan Alazzouni
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