Holly’s Top Travel Podcasts

Whether on a run, walking through airports, lying on a beach or gazing out of a plane window… nothing beats getting stuck into a good podcast. From delving into the archives of a classic Desert Island Disc to hearing what inspired Joe Wicks to become the salvation to parents up and down the country during lockdown with Jessie Ware. My top picks are an infusion of business, travel and inspiring humans!

Holly Clark, Founder of Editions

Desert Island Discs

An old favourite. Desert Islands Discs has been around since 1942 and still going strong to this day – from Maya Angelou to Jo Malone, leading world scientists to Martina Navratilova. 

There are now over 3000 episodes to get stuck into. I have been on a long car journey through Rajasthan listening to Mary Berry, on the beach listing to Sir David Attenborough and have boarded many planes whilst travelling through these epic archives. 

A classic – an all time favourite”

Travel Diaries

I recently discovered this little gem by presenter Holly Rubenstein – often referred to as the travel version of Desert Island Discs! Holly invites her guests to reveal travel experiences that have shaped them rather than songs. It’s the UK’s number one travel podcast and has featured guests such as Rick Stein, Dev Patel, Melinda Stevens of CN Traveller, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Tony Wheeler and Richard Branson.

“The travel version of Desert Island Discs!”

Travel Diaries Podcast

How I Built This 

Hosted by Guy Raz, this podcast delves into the journeys behind some of the worlds most successful founders – from Airbnb to Spanx, Bumble to Ben & Jerrys. “Business is filled with crisis and failure and sadness and tension and discomfort and then triumph,” Mr. Raz has said. He calls How I Built This a show about vulnerability. Founders open up, regale wrenching stories about sacrifices, late nights, self-doubt and the mistakes that led to their successes. 

“a very real and honest listen”

How I Built This

Table Manners with Jessie Ware

‘A podcast about food, family, and the beautiful art of having a chat’! Jessie Ware and her Mum have entertained and picked the brains of guests from Joe Wicks to John Legend, Charlotte Tilbury to David Schwimmer…all guaranteed with a sprinkle of over-sharing and the feeling that you are all just sat around the dinner table together!

Nothing like a good chit chat!

Table Manners with Jessie Ware

Power Hour

Started by Adrienne Herbert, who back in 2018 began getting up earlier in the morning to train for a marathon. She soon though discovered this magic window of time when no-one else was up and could get a head start on the day. Since then she’s spent a lot of time researching the psychology and the science behind early rising and the positive impact that it can have on your life. She’s discovered that ‘many incredibly successful people, pro-athletes, global leaders, high earners and high achievers, all attribute much of their success to having a structured morning routine’. 

Great guests, great insights!

Power Hour


I love this podcast. Every listen leaves me with another place on this planet jotted down on the bucket-list and something new learnt. Host Simon Calder chats with some of travels biggest names, mixes in some up-to-the-moment news and gives us all a masterclass every episode too – from African safari’s to solo travel.

“Travel tips and tricks”

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